Intercept for Beef Cattle

Mar 04, 2021

Intercept for Beef Cattle



Nature at Work

In our pursuit to feed the globe we have placed severe pressure on Beef Cattles’ ability to survive in a world full of dangerous pathogens, molds and toxins. These toxins frequently occur simultaneously to produce synergistic toxicity. Beef Cattle are dependent upon their immune systems to neutralize and destroy these potential dangers. To achieve this, nature has developed many strategies that attack or neutralize these dangers in a wide variety of ways. Nutrition provides a potent array of factors to support your animals during these challenges. Intercept harnesses nature’s strategies, bringing unmatched immune support to your Cattle as nature intended.

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Immunosuppression and Greater Susceptibility to Disease

Most metabolic diseases and the majority of mycotic infections occur during times of suppressed immunity. I.P.S (Immune Positioning System) provides unmatched immune support for your herd.

Unthrifty Appearance, Lower Milk Production and Organ Damage

Yeast Cell Wall has been well documented to provide readily available adsorption centers attractive to dietary pathogens, molds and toxins.

Functional Criteria for Desirable Probiotic Properties

When the Immune System is compromised, opportunity abounds for pathogenic organisms to cause infection and disease. Antagonistic activities of Bacillus strains are essential to prevent or reduce infection with pathogenic bacteria. The production of antimicrobial compounds is often associated with antagonistic activities, and this is the first functional property considered when selecting potential probiotics. Members of the genus Bacillus are known to produce a number of antimicrobial compounds, including lipopeptides, surfactin, bacteriocins and bacteriocin-like inhibitory substances.

Yucca has Multifaceted Beneficial Properties

Feeding Yucca schidigera modifies ruminal fermentation by altering select rumen microorganism ratios. Altering these ratios results in the reduction of both high rumen ammonia and high blood urea levels.

Nucleotides Speeds up Intestinal Recovery

Dietary Nucleotides have been shown to increase the maturity and growth of normal enterocytes, which are intestinal absorptive cells responsible for nutrient uptake and pathogen defense.

Solution to the Live Yeast/Dead Yeast Debate

Intercept combines two strains of live yeast with highly concentrated yeast culture.

Maximize the Full Potential of Your Feedstuffs

Utilization of all nutrients was significantly affected by mycotoxin contamination. Utilization of dry matter and energy of the diet was reduced. Significant amounts of nutrients pass through the animal undigested and are excreted.

Gut MicroBiome: The Era of Precision Prebiotics, Probiotics and Postbiotics

Mycotoxins wreak havoc on the gut microbiome. Intestinal cells are the first cells to be exposed to mycotoxins at higher concentrations than other tissues.