Nov 04, 2020


The Perfect Balancing Act

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CON-VERGE™– Where Immunity, MicroBiome and Colonization Resistance Meet

Immune Revolution

To feed a MicroBasics product is to push the boundaries of possibility, unconstrained by cost and red tape. Our formulation philosophy is built on Immunity principles that free us to innovate and create our greatest visions. On these foundations, icons are born.

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MicroBiome Engineering

To own the moment yet exist beyond it: this is what makes an icon. As new technologies and innovations unfold, we push towards the next frontier: embracing the possibilities of MicroBiome Engineering. Our values are unwavering while our vision remains clear: eliminate antibiotics and coccidiostats from animal feed.

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Colonization Resistance

The intestine harbors an ecosystem composed of the intestinal mucosa and the commensal microbiota. The microbiota fosters development of the Immune system, aids digestion and protects host cells from pathogens.

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Feed Good. Do Good.™


    A biosecurity and nutrition program designed to help keep animals free of diseases.


    Specific restrictions on the use of antibiotics are important in human medicine.


    A Veterinary health program that includes a comprehensive animal health plan.


    A third – party audited animal welfare program following established and science – based standards.


    Technology to minimize the carbon footprint of animal production and improve nutrient management programs.


  • Not all Direct Fed Microbials are Created Equal Cow Biology is COMPLEX. A SYMBIOTIC blend of additives is Paramount. The importance of the symbiotic relationship between the digestive system and the immune system cannot be overstated! As the largest immune organ in the body, the gut plays a major role in whole body immunity. Therefore, establishing a healthy gut translates to increased immunity. IMMUNOMETABOLISM is how the immune…
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  • Core Values, Mental Health, and Sustainable Farms This week I am excited to be summarizing an interview I did with someone who I consider a very good friend and mentor! His name is Bob Hostetler. Over the span of his career Bob has worked as a Dairy Nutritionist and a Life Coach.  Bob got his start working with Milk Products, and overtime…
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  • Early Life Microbial Colonization and Effects on Immunity In the calf world we talk a lot about average daily gain and the effects that better gains early on in life have on lifetime production. Although gains early on in life are important and do affect productivity, much of the growth and development affecting lifetime productivity may be taking place in utero, even before…
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Where would you be if everyone followed and no one led?

MicroBasics is an innovative company dedicated to animal health, nutrition, and food safety. Our products harness the infinite discoveries found in nature and couple those with advances in technology to help produce safer food. The role of innovation is to create technologies that can do more and function quicker. MicroBasics continues to lead the way in natural product development, bringing solutions to our customers and confidence to consumers.