G – Tract for Beef Cattle

Dec 07, 2021

G – Tract for Beef Cattle

Beef Distinction


Gut Instinct

New Science has revealed that the gut may be the motherboard for the entire body! MicroBasics understands the negative effect an off-balance gut biome can have on the immune system and animal performance during periods of stress. Our scientists have been designing products of the future, ask your nutritionist to follow their GUT INSTINCT!

G-Tract Front

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Rumen Check

The cornerstone of ruminant health and performance is the rumen. The benefits of live yeast supplements for ruminants are improving the overall intestinal bacteria balance, enhancing feed intake and safeguarding health.

Nucleotides Speeds up Intestinal Recovery

Dietary Nucleotides have been shown to increase the maturity and growth of normal enterocytes, which are intestinal absorptive cells responsible for nutrient uptake and pathogen defense.