Neonatal Gut Health

Nutri-Calf Max is our full spectrum direct fed microbial intended to support gut health and integrity, improve nutrient absorption and promote rumen development. Nutri-Calf Max combines whole egg powder, MOS, MicroBasics’ patented blend of biologically active polysaccharides, highly concentrated yeast culture, live yeast, digestive enzymes, and lactic acid producing bacteria, vitamins, electrolytes and chelated minerals. Nutri-Calf Max’s combination of technologies has been thoughtfully crafted by the most recognized calf people in the world.

当小牛都是年轻的目标是饲料的胃肠道. Science has shown many times that if a young calf gets sick, the gastrointestinal tract never fully recovers. Your calves’ health is in your hands and future profits depend on the decisions you make early on.



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