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Powered Hydration

Performance and recovery from scours depends on electrolyte powered hydration – it is crucial to keep a calf hydrated during disease challenges. A scouring calf with dehydration needs milk or milk replacer for energy, plus oral electrolytes to rehydrate them. Calves that do not receive adequate energy when scouring will begin to break down muscle tissue, causing them to fall behind the growth rates of other calves. Nutri-Lyte’s palatable formulation contains all of the essential components necessary for a calf to stay hydrated – sodium, glucose, glycine, alkalizing agents, potassium, chloride, trace elements, and includes added benefits from MicroBasics’ unique patented blend of biologically active polysaccharides and whole egg powder. Nutri-Lyte should be fed as an extra meal. Note: Water is the essential ingredient in a rehydrating solution.

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