Tomahawk iL

Mikrobiese Balans

Tomahawk iL is the next generation of product in the healthy and natural feeding of beef cattle. When formulating Tomahawk iL our scientists have reset every standardeach one either unimagined or believed impossible until you see the response for the first time. Tomahawk iL is unmatched by anything already in existence. A leader cannot aspire to be like anything else. The aim of MicroBasics has always been to inspire and innovatea legacy that can only be honored by moving boldly ahead. Tomahawk iL formulation is masterfully crated to combine yeast cell, yeast culture, Bacillus subtilis, Yucca shidigera and biologically active polysaccharides. Tomahawk iL offers our customers solutions to many of the growing consumer concerns.

Tomahawk iL helps to support:

  • Disease resistance
  • Intestinal health and integrity
  • Rumen function
  • Overall health
Tomahawk iL

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