Who We Are

The Future of Animal Health,  Nutrition and Food Safety in the Post-Antibiotic Era

MicroBasics is dedicated to developing products and practices that benefit farmers, their animals and consumers alike.  We are on a mission to assist our customers in raising healthy animals the way nature intended.  As consumers continue to demand the elimination of in-feed antibiotics, greater importance is placed upon the animals’ immune system to defend against disease.  Our products support a balanced immune system, an essential requirement for animal health and wellness.

Fresh wholesome food is what drives today’s retail food companies. Consumers and retail food companies choose brands that “do the right thing” across their entire businesses. MicroBasics ensures farmers require fewer resources to get the food on your customer’s   plate. The decision to eliminate antibiotics in agriculture, signals a growing sensitivity among consumers to animal welfare issues. The goodness of this brand has to go beyond what is in each product.

What if you could raise food without using antibiotics?  We want to change the way food is produced for the better.

Our Mission

Creating nature identical solutions we enable our customers to raise healthier animals and produce safer food for consumers.

True Sustainability and Social Responsibility… The Future of Our Planet Hangs in Balance

MicroBasics is committed to the highest levels of environmental and social responsibility, in our workplace and our local and global communities. We not only care about the health of the animals that use our products, we care about the health of our planet. Our products not only protect the animal’s health, we allow farmers to reduce the amount of CO2 produced and eliminate toxic chemicals that find their way into the soil, air and water. MicroBasics allows farmers to support natural ecosystems by using long-term farming solutions, eliminating their dependence on antibiotics and this helps preserve the earth’s resources for future generations.

Ag to Zero : MicroBasics Pledge to our Employees and Customers:

  1. Environmental stewardship starts with simple changes.
  2. To reduce our carbon footprint and minimize the environmental impact of our products and operations.
  3. We have a genuine passion for the well-being of our planet.
  4. We will work to reduce waste, water usage and greenhouse gas emissions throughout our operations.
  5. Sustainable at its roots 2020: 60% of our energy used will come from solar production and improved energy usage.
  6. Efficient by nature 2020: we will cut our paper usage by 75%- brochures will be in a digital format.

Sometimes less is more.