Feed Additive For Dairy Cows: Surveillance

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Feed Additive for Dairy Cows:  SurveillancePRT

The unique success factors of SurveillancePRT are seen in its evolutionary selection for biological activity and structural novelty. SurveillancePRT is a combination of innovative biologically active compounds to help farmers meet modern day challenges. Microbasics is the market leader in supplying our customers with innovative products that show a high probability of success.

SurveillancePRT comes to you with the finest solutions that nature has to offer. SurveillancePRT is a new era feed additive for healthy and natural feeding of cattle. The goal of dairymen is to protect their investments and keep their cows healthy.

SurveillancePRT is not a single component feed additive –it is a combination of infinite discoveries within nature and technology:

  • Yeast Culture
  • Mannan Oligosaccharide
  • Bacillus subtilus
  • Beta Glucans
  • Bioactive Proteins

Surveillance PRT is available in both powder and liquid form:

SurveillancePRT Dry

Surveillance PRT Dry HS (heat stable)

SurveillancePRT IL – Liquid

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