Another Revolutionary Idea from the Leaders in Young Animal Nutrition

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Another Revolutionary Idea from the Leaders in Young Animal Nutrition

MicroBasics has recognized the trend towards safe, natural and non-residue, non-drug farm feed. At MicroBasics we start with inspiration, a vision of what challenges our customers experience and what solutions nature offers.  Progressive thinking creates a new perspective – how can we combine various essential ingredients to create a product that works consistently and improves the health of calves.

Calf Distinction is a combination of technologies that have been thoughtfully crafted by the most recognized calf people in the world. We have had the great fortunate of a long and successful working relationship between MicroBasics and Stewart Farms in Nampa, Idaho.   The Stewart family continues to be masters at blending farm feed for their entire dairy operation. These parties have combined their expertise to create the most advanced calf rearing product system available.

Farm feed that benefits neonatal gut health

Optimal nutrition is the cornerstone of good calf health. When calves are young the goal is to feed the gastrointestinal tract. Science has shown many times that if young animals get sick, the gastrointestinal tract never recovers. If we can keep the animal from getting sick there is a huge amount of money to be saved. Calf Distinction focuses on gut health, feed efficiency and decreased morbidity and mortality rates thereby improving farm profitability.

The greatest challenge for farms today is to ensure animals are fed the correct product/feed, at the correct stage of life and at the recommended dose. On many farms today language is the greatest challenge to ensure products are used correctly.

Welcome to the genius of COLOR CODED CALF REARING! Maximize your calves performance and health with Calf Distinction.

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