How to Get More From Your Farm Feeds

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Feed – the most expensive item your cows consume every day. Optimizing feed efficiency is the key to maximizing profit. If good nutrition is not in place she will fail to meet her genetic potential and she will develop serious health problems.

Challenge – decreased milk production, feedstuffs undigested in manure

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Farm Feeds

MicroBasics has recognized the trend towards a natural, non-drug efficiency alternative for the dairy industry. Dairy Distinction is comprised of efficiency tools which improve rumen fermentation, animal performance and enable farmers to better utilize their farm feeds. Research has shown that a balanced, well-functioning rumen is vital for digestion, nutrient uptake and ensuring the flow of feed and forage through the rumen for maximum performance.  Increased feed costs have made it critical that dairy cows utilize all dietary fiber components in farm feeds, especially more effective use of low quality forages and by-products. Dairy Distinction makes this possible.

Natures Solutions

Enzymes help to eliminate a potentially rate limiting step in rumen metabolism; the conversion of various fibers to intermediate compounds that feed functional rumen bacteria. Enzymes enhance fiber utilization in the diet and allow effective use of lower quality forages and by-products.

Bacillus subtilis grows in the digestive tract and produces large quantities of digestive enzymes to aid the digestion of feed. Bacillus subtilis also competes with pathogenic bacteria for space on the intestinal wall.

Yeast stimulates fiber-digesting bacteria, stabilizes rumen environment and utilizes lactic acid. Yeast targets enhanced rumen function, improves fiber digestibility, dry matter intake and helps your cows during periods of heat stress.

Lactobacillus bacteria in addition to MOS appeared to reduce the incidence of hemorrhagic bowel syndrome (HBS) in some high producing dairy cows. Lactobacillus can survive the digestion process and competes with pathogenic bacteria inhibiting their growth in the intestine.

It is a true balancing act to provide proper nutrition to high producing dairy cattle while also keeping their digestive systems healthy. Veterinarians and nutritionists are focusing more attention on intestinal health as well as rumen health.

Nature allows dairy farmers to utilize these natural growth-promoting substances in response to consumer demands for natural farm feeds.

For optimal feed efficiency,  Be Immune Smart – MicroBasics

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