NatraMins是的超高效率的矿物质, 精简矿物交付给你的牛. Actual absorption orbio-availabilityof a mineral depends upon several factors and chelated minerals are absorbed and assimilated by ruminants better and faster than inorganic salts. NatraMins are bound with natural amino acids which protect the minerals from absorption-interfering molecules present in the bovine digestive system. Many of the ingested mineral salts utilized today attach to dietary fiber, inorganic minerals, mycotoxins and/or phytate, and are lost through the feces never to be absorbed and metabolized by the cattlethis loss you simply cannot afford.


  • 增加的平均日增
  • Assisted digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • 增加的饲料效率
  • 改进蹄完整性
  • Increased weaning rates
  • 改善怀孕率

NatrMins product line includes:

  • NatraMin Zn 20%
  • NatraMin Mn 20%
  • NatraMin Cu 20%
  • NatraMin甲硫氨酸锌 20%
  • NatraMin甲硫氨酸锰 20%
  • 重要 (硒酵母 2,000 ppm)


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