Swine Distinction

Swine Distinction

Witness Health, Nutrition and Immunity in Action

Pork producers are more informed and proactive than ever before. They are making disease prevention; health maintenance and consumer trust a priority in their operations. Swine producers are seeking out innovations to ensure a positive return on their investments and the building blocks towards strong health and a balanced immune system for their pigs. Sow health is a cornerstone of any swine operation. To help achieve the genetic potential of your piglets, boost survival and growth rates they clearly need a support package.

Nutritionists and Veterinarians increasingly seek prevention of diseases for many problems they face today. These problems are increasingly known to be rooted in immune function. MicroBasics meets this need by recognizing the importance of nutrition on immune function.

Swine Distinction, a new ultra safe approach to the healthy and natural feeding of swine will serve to minimize the nutritional and health challenges facing the swine industry as well as the growing concerns regarding food safety.

Think ahead and make the impossible possible.