Poultry Distinction

Poultry Distinction

Antibiotic Alternatives Ensure Healthy Birds That Produce Safer Food

Poultry producers are more informed and proactive than ever before. They are making disease prevention; health maintenance and consumer trust a priority in their operation. They seek out innovations that ensure a positive return on their investment while striving to alleviate consumers concerns regarding food safety.

Nutritionists and Veterinarians increasingly seek prevention of disease for many problems. These problems are increasingly known to be rooted in immune function. MicroBasics meets this need by recognizing the importance of nutrition on immune function.

Poultry Distinction is an integrated system offering condition specific formulations providing a healthy and natural alternative to the traditional feeding and raising of poultry. Poultry Distinction will serve to minimize the nutritional and health challenges facing the poultry industry today, such as consumers  growing concerns surrounding the use of in-feed antibiotics. Products that work together seamlessly and help you avoid challenges before they happen.

Balance. The Core Strength of Your Birds.