Validated Pathogen Reduction

Prevention is Your Best technique Against Disease

SmartBlock, a disinfectant harnessing the latest technologies ensuring efficient bactericide, fungicide, virucide and algiecide.  Offering the most innovations in its class, SmartBlock truly perfects the art of product concentration resulting in validated pathogen reduction.

Research shows a successful disinfectant protocol should include the following determinations:

  • Source of water being used
  • The level and type of organic material
  • The surface or material to be disinfected
  • What biological pathogens are involved
  • The levels of biofilm that form inside all water pipes
  • The effectiveness of present sanitation protocol by requesting a MicorBasics Sanitation Audit


MicroBasics Sanitation Audit utilizes an ATP meter. The ATP test is a process of rapidly measuring actively growing microorganisms through detection of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. ATP is a molecule found in and around living cells, and as such it gives a direct measure of biological concentration and health. ATP testing makes it possible to show just how clean surfaces are by detecting the level of microbial contamination on surfaces in just seconds.




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