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Mineral Delivery

NatraMins are ultra-efficient minerals, streamlining mineral delivery to your birds.  Actual absorption or “bio-availability” of a mineral depends upon several factors and chelated minerals are absorbed and assimilated better and faster than inorganic salts. NatraMins are bound with natural amino acids which protect the minerals from absorption-interfering molecules present in the digestive system.

Research shows that incorporating bioavailable minerals into feed provides many benefits which include:

  • Better immune response
  • Improved hatchability
  • Increased egg production
  • Improved egg and shell quality
  • Higher meat yield
  • Optimized foot pad health

NatraMins product line includes:

  • NatraMin Zn 20%
  • NatraMin Mn 20%
  • NatraMin Cu 20%
  • NatraMin Zinc Methionine 20%
  • NatraMin Manganese Methionine 20%
  • EsSential (Selenium Yeast 2,000 ppm)


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