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Image of an activated macrophage of the immune system

Supports Immune Health

Science has shown time and again that many diseases begin in the gut. This has much to do with microbial imbalance, compromised gut integrity and inflammation of the gut lining. Being able to control the inflammatory response may be the key to avoiding chronic conditions and maintaining overall health. A core component of MicroBasics products is that of our Immune Positioning System, or IPS. IPS contains nutritionally and functionally important biologically active polysaccharides and polypeptides. Research has shown that these factors have the ability to both stimulate an underactive immune system and to turn down an overactive immune system, effectively controlling the inflammatory response and protecting against pathogens, while promoting epithelial growth and repair. IPS provides unmatched immune support.

Microscopic photo of MOS binding pathogens

Drive Animal Production with Yeast's Secret Weapon

MOS is a functional oligosaccharide prebiotic, derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall. Rich in mannan oligosaccharide, the ability of MOS to decrease the prevalence of intestinal pathogenic bacteria and to prevent their colonization in the gastrointestinal tract is well documented. The positive effect of MOS on animal immune defense has resulted in better animal performance.

A microscopic photo image of yeast

Solution to the Live Yeast / Dead Yeast Debate

Supplementation with live yeast/yeast culture has repeatedly demonstrated improved animal performance spanning multiple production goals. From improving feed intake and digestibility in heat stressed animals to maximizing species specific output parameters, yeast/yeast culture supplementation is commonplace in traditional animal husbandry.

microscopic photo of digestive enzymes

Maximize the Full Potential of Your Feedstuffs

Digestive enzymes are efficiency tools that facilitate the chemical breakdown of feedstuffs into smaller absorbable components, thereby enhancing total nutrient absorption. A broad profile of digestive enzymes will provide specificity for each appropriate component in the diet, working to reduce waste and maximize feed efficiency.

Microscopic image of probiotics

Cultivate health from Within

Probiotics are the “good” bacteria inhabitants of a healthy digestive system. When administered as part of a regular feeding program, and in adequate amounts, probiotics confer vast health benefits upon the host. These include but are not limited to, repopulating depleted intestinal flora, protecting the gut lining against pathogenic bacteria, enhancing nutrient absorption, synthesis of functional nutrients such as vitamins and enzymes, destruction of toxins and immune support.

Photo image of a Yucca plant

Yucca has Multifaceted Beneficial Properties

Yucca schidigera has multifaceted beneficial properties. Fractions from this medicinal plant have the ability to bind ammonia, neutralizing the harmful effects of ammonia and converting it into a non-toxic nitrogenous compound, while saponins promote greater absorption of nutrients. Yucca schidigera has been proven to improve feed conversion, weight gain and performance and is an effective application for multiple animal species.