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AquaSplash D

Bring Your Lagoon Back to Life

MicroBasics has developed AquaSplash D with an exclusive lignin degrading fungi, scientifically selected aerobic and facultative anaerobic bacteria and enzymes that go to work before odor and solids become a problem. AquaSplash D contains beneficial heterotrophic microorganisms which after application, start to multiply within a short period. The synergistic effect of these beneficial microorganisms starts to break-down the organic waste and sediment in the lagoon and eliminate toxic gases (ammonia, nitrites and hydrogen sulfide) from the lagoon. The fungi and enzymes aid in the breakdown of fibrous bedding and undigested feedstuffs, while the bacteria effectively increase facultative microbial digestion of waste.

Research has shown that lagoon inoculants:

  • Restore the natural balance in the pond
  • Control emmissions and reduce sludge
  • Your lagoon comes to life before your eyes
  • Support sustainable Lagoon Conservation

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